Pet Cremation Keepsakes and Memorial Beads

At Agape Pet Services, we believe in the unique bond shared between a cherished pet and the pet parent. When a treasured pet passes, Agape Pet Services can help you through the mourning process with animal cremation services and customized pet cremation glass jewelry, keepsakes and more. Our art glass memorials are handmade and completely unique, and they make the perfect tribute to your shared bond.


Pet Cremation Art Glass

Our art glass keepsakes include the Eternal Flame, Forever Heart and the Remembrance Sphere. These art glass memorials also feature a small portion of the cremains of your beloved pet. Perfect for your desk, display case, bookshelf or living room, each art glass memorial is available in your choice of colors and is completely unique. When you prefer a contemporary pet memorial with a distinctive and eye-catching appearance, our art glass memorials make an elegant choice.

3D Laser Photo Keepsakes

If you prefer a personalized glass memorial, explore the 3D laser photo keepsakes available from Agape Pet Services. Send us your favorite photo of your pet and we’ll laser-engrave it into a glass diamond or photo keychain. Personalize your memento with your pet’s name or other special message. Our 3D laser photo keepsakes don’t contain the cremains of your pet but nevertheless make an affordable and unforgettable tribute to the memory of your cherished friend.

Agape Pet Services

At Agape Pet Services, we’re animal lovers, too. We have decades of experience in the pet care and training fields, and we can help you mourn the loss of your pet. Agape Pet Services provides dignified and respectful pet cremation services, and tasteful urns and memorials that memorialize the bond you shared.

For more information about our animal cremation services and art glass jewelry and keepsakes, contact us today.