Horse Urns

Horse Cremation Urns

Agape Pet Services understands how much you treasure your horse and how difficult it is to say goodbye. When you’d like your horse’s final resting place nearby, explore our collection of wooden horse urns, ceramic horse keepsakes, other ceramic, marble and laser engraved pet urns that can hold some of your horse’s cremains. Our tasteful keepsakes and memorials can ease your grieving process and give your horse the tribute he or she deserves.

Wood Urns for Horses

Agape Pet Services offers three wood photo urns designed especially for horse cremains. Our Basic Horse Urn accommodates pet sizes of up to 2,000 pounds and features a photograph of the horse you love and a brass plaque where you can personalize a message. Stained a rich shade of oak, your urn will be a fitting memorial to the horse you cherish.
Our Horseshoe urn is a beautiful alternative when you prefer tasteful detail. Featuring the subtle engraving of hoof prints along one side, the Horseshoe also has space for a favorite photo and a brass plaque. Customize the plaque with the name of your cherished pet, or add a special message. We also offer the perfect way to tastefully memorialize your horse by utilizing our Horsehead urn. This unique urn features a horsehead engravement on wood. All of our wooden horse urns fit pets sized to 2,000 pounds.

Ceramics and Marble Urns for Horses

Agape Pet Services continually updates our selection of cremation urns for horses. Our collection of ceramic urns includes a beautiful bronze figurine horse urn where you can store a small portion of your horse’s cremains inside. Personalize your urn with the name of your beloved horse, and use it as a standalone memorial. Alternatively, place the urn atop one of our wooden horse cremation urns and create a tribute that’s as special as your cherished pet.

Laser-Engraved Urns for Horses

All of our urns can be utilized to store a portion of your horse’s cremains, therefore our laser-engraved cremation urn is an unforgettable memorial to your horse when you prefer an urn without a photo or plaque. Personalize your urn with the name of your horse or with another special message, and preserve the memory of your horse with a keepsake you’ll always have by your side.

Agape Pet Services

Agape Pet Services provides animal cremation services, urns, memorials, keepsakes and other resources to help you through the grieving process. Our Boonsboro, MD and Sandston, VA locations offer your family the dignified, respectful and prompt services you need. If your family is looking for a cremation service, Agape Pet Services is ready to help. We’re animal lovers, too — and with decades of experience in the pet care and training fields, we’re uniquely qualified to give your family the support you need.
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