Horse Cremation

Agape Pet Services established in western Maryland in 2003, and we currently have facilities in Virginia, and North Carolina. We take pride in being the most progressive pet cremation service. We offer a full service equine cremation with transportation. We will honor your request for the care and handling of your horse’s cremains in an accurate, courteous, compassionate and timely manner.

We understand that your horse is more than just a pet and respect the bond you share. As a member of the family, the loss of your horse can feel overwhelming. Allow us to assist you during this difficult time.

Available Services

  • Pick-up available 7 days a week
  • Scheduled pick up to coincide with euthanasia
  • Respectful & gentle handling
  • Timely cremation & return
  • Cremation with cremains returned to owner
  • Cremation with cremains returned to the earth in the forest of western Maryland
  • Option to attend private cremation
  • Large selection of urns, markers & keepsakes
  • Assistance locating grief counseling

Transportation Options

  • You can arrange the cremation directly with Agape Pet Services. We will handle the pick up of your horse from your location, the cremation, placement of the cremains in the urn of your choice and the delivery of the urn back to you.
  • You can arrange the cremation with Agape Pet Services and transport the horse to us, thus saving the pick up fee. Staff from Agape Pet Services will be at the crematorium to meet you and unload the horse.


Please call 866-432-0431 for an estimate.