Cremation & Memorialization

Cremation Services for Pets

At Agape Pet Services, we understand how difficult it is to lose a beloved pet or equine friend you love. When you need cremation services for your dog, cat, horse or other cherished friend they will be treated with care and dignity that a loving friend deserves.  We provide prompt, reliable and respectful pet cremation services from our locations in Boonsboro MD, Sandston VA, and Siler City NC — including private and communal cremation services.  Agape Pet Service offers a wide selection of urns, keepsakes, and cremation jewelry.

Individual or Private Cremation

When you have been fortunate enough to share a bond with a special pet and only a private cremation will do, Agape Pet Services can help. We will plan a dignified and respectful private cremation for your beloved pet. If you prefer to attend the cremation, Agape Pet Services will provide you and your loved ones to be present during the entire process or as little as you wish. Appointment times are by reservation.

There are several advantages to planning an individual or private cremation. Individual and private cremation of your pet gives you time to select a final disposition location for your pet’s cremains. When the cremation is complete, you will receive your pet’s cremains promptly. You may choose to bury your pet’s cremains, store them in a columbarium at a pet cemetery, scatter them in a favorite spot you enjoyed together, or keep them at home in a decorative urn. Although these options are more costly than communal cremation, they give you the opportunity to plan the perfect final resting place for your pet.

pet urn with name plate

Basic urn with name plate

pet urn without name plate

Basic urn without name plate

Communal Cremation

When resources or time won’t allow a private cremation service, Agape Pet Services can provide you with a communal cremation that is respectful and cost-effective in our Virginia, Maryland and North Carolina locations. Your pet’s dignity is in no way affected by cremation with other beloved pets.

Urns, Memorials and Keepsakes

Once you’ve received the cremains of your pet, you may wish to store them in a cremation urn or scatter them in a location you both loved. Agape Pet Services offers cremation urns, memorials and other keepsakes that will memorialize your pet in a tasteful and enduring way. Agape Pet Services carries cremation urns for small and large dogs, cats, horses and other cherished pets.
You’ll also find a selection of keepsakes and markers you can personalize with a photo, etching and other important information.

For more information about our cremation service for pets, please contact Agape Pet Services.