Pet Cremation Jewelry & Memorial Beads

At Agape Pet Services, we believe in the unique bond shared between a cherished pet and the pet parent. When a treasured pet passes, Agape Pet Services can help you through the mourning process with animal cremation services and customized pet cremation glass jewelry, keepsakes and more. Our art glass memorials are handmade and completely unique, and they make the perfect tribute to your shared bond.

Pet Cremation Glass Memorial Beads

Our pet glass memorial beads make it easy to keep the memory of your pet alive and with you all the time. Sized to fit popular PANDORA bracelets, every pet cremation jewelry bead is handmade by Chris Heid, our in-house art glass artisan. Chris folds a small portion of your cherished pet’s cremains into the colored glass bead of your choice and the result is nothing short of astonishing. Beautiful to look at and made with sterling silver grommets, you can choose between small and large pet cremation glass beads.