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You and your horse share a deep bond. Through riding, grooming and spending time together, you come to understand each other and enjoy the link of friendship between you.

When your horse passes on, it can be a hard time for you both practically and emotionally, and the stress of arrangements can make the loss even more painful. At Agape Pet Services, we let you say goodbye while easing the burden of handling your beloved horse. If you’re looking for horse cremation services in North Carolina, we can help.

Cremation and Farewell Services for Horses in North Carolina

Horse owners in North Carolina trust us to handle their special equines with the respect and care they deserve. Our years of experience and our dedicated equine crematorium explicitly adapted for large horses mean we have the resources to collect, transport and respectfully cremate your horses gently and carefully. No unpleasant or hard procedures are required — just compassionate service that eases your burden in this time of grief. In addition to your horse’s cremation, we offer services to provide you with peace of mind and room to cope. Here’s how we can help with the loss of your horse:

  • In-Home Pick-Up:

    We can help you by collecting your beloved horse at home. We can arrange for collection from your home, vet or stables using our specially designed “Agape Sled”. Collections are very brief, discreet and gentle — we use a sled system to move your horse and avoid any unnecessary tugging that can cause your heart pain. We also transport your beloved equine in an enclosed trailer that’s large enough to accommodate even the biggest horse. Our promise to you is that we’ll handle your cherished horse with the respect he or she deserves.

  • Bereavement Support:

    We know your equine friends are important to you, so we understand how hard it is to lose them. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and heartbroken about losing your horse, our pet bereavement support can help you find some peace of mind during this sad time.

  • 24/7 Pick-Up Services:

    Loss doesn’t happen on a schedule, so we’re here for you whenever you need us. At Agape Pet Services, we offer emergency pick-up services at your home or veterinary hospital at any time.

Memorialization and Keepsakes

If you’d like to keep your horse close in memory, explore our collection of horse urns and keepsakes to hold on to your beloved friend. Our special keepsakes and memorials can help you pay your respects and remember your horse.

The following are some of the horse memorialization options we have at Agape Pet Services:

When it’s time, we’ll return your horse’s cremains to your home or veterinary hospital in North Carolina, along with your keepsake item and a certificate of cremation.

Contact Agape Today for Professional Horse Cremation in NC

We’re here when you need us the most. We provide professional cremation services, personal viewings, special transport for your special equine friend, and 24-hour service. Call Agape Pet Services today for assistance with your horse’s passing and memorialization needs.

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