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They spend the nights curled up at our feet or cuddled in our arms. During the day, they wind around our legs when we walk, interrupt our work with their affection and warm our laps and hearts with their soft purrs and eager meows.

There’s nothing like the bond between you and your cat, and losing a pet is as difficult as losing family. At Agape Pet Services, we understand how devastating it is to let go of an animal you love. If you’ve recently lost your furry feline, and are searching for a cat cremation company in North Carolina that you can trust, we’re here to help you ease the pain of loss and offer you choices for memorializing your cat’s life. We’re dedicated to providing the care and compassion you and your cat deserve.

Available Cremation Support Services in North Carolina

At Agape Pet Services, your needs are our top concern, so we make sure our services help you through the process of cremating and coping. Here’s what we can do to help make your cat’s passing easier for you:

  • Private Cat Cremation:

    Rest assured that you’ll receive only the remains of your beloved pet. With our private cremation services, we ensure your cat receives the respect and dignity of a personal chamber, fully private and separated from other animals.

  • Group/Communal Cat Cremation:

    If you’d rather release your pet’s cremains back into nature, consider a group cremation. With our communal cremation service, beloved cats may be cremated together and communal cremains are peacefully scattered in our peaceful pasture. You can rest assured knowing that your furry feline has returned to their final resting place, peacefully.

  • Optional Private Viewing:

    At Agape, we have created a comforting space for those wishing to be present for and/or witness the cremation of their beloved pet. This gives feline parents the unique opportunity to say final goodbyes, to grieve and celebrate the life of their cat. This also offers the assurance that we have accountability. There is an additional fee for this type of service and it must be scheduled prior to the cremation of the pet.

  • Bereavement Support:

    We know how hard this time is, so we offer support to anyone whose pet has passed on. Whatever you’re feeling about losing your beloved cat, Agape Pet Services is here to provide resources, books or names of advisers to help you during this time.

  • In-Home Pick-Up:

    We know how difficult this is for you and your family, and we’re here to help you find comfort and peace of mind at this sad time. If you can’t bring yourself to transport your cat, we offer in-home pick-up. With our pet pick-up services, we’ll arrange to pick up your cat from your home in North Carolina.

  • 24/7 Pick-Up Services:

    When it’s too much to do yourself, we’re here for you. At Agape Pet Services, we offer emergency pickup services from your home or local veterinary hospital.

Memorialization and Keepsakes

If you’re considering cremation services for your cat, you may also consider keepsake urns to hold the cremains and keep your cat’s memory alive. We have a variety of memorial products and keepsakes to help your cat remain in your heart forever. The following are some of the cat urns and memorials we have at Agape Pet Services:

When it’s time, we’ll respectfully return your cat’s cremains and keepsakes to your home or veterinary hospital, along with a certificate of cremation and memorialization.


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We’re here when you need us most. We provide private and group cremations, personal viewings, professional transport for your special pet and 24-hour emergency pickup service in North Carolina. Call us today or contact us and get assistance for you and your family during this difficult time.

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