Wooden Urns

Wooden Urns for Dogs

Nothing can prepare a caring pet parent for the emotional challenges of laying a beloved dog to rest. At Agape Pet Services, we want to help you through the grieving process with prompt, respectful and tasteful products and services. Our collection of memorials includes wooden urns for large dogs, small dogs and cherished friends in between. Explore our collection of wooden urns for dogs and celebrate the memory of your pet with dignity for years to come.

Laser Engraved Wooden Dog Urns

If you’re like many pet parents, you have a treasured photo or two of your loyal, furry friend. Create an unforgettable tribute to your pet with our laser engraved wooden pet urn, which will feature your photo in addition to a message of your choosing. Sized to accommodate dogs from small to large sizes, you can fit the entirety of your dog’s cremains into our engraved wooden urn. Agape Pet Services crafts this urn from solid hardwood.

Traditional Wooden Urns

Classic in style yet suitable for contemporary homes, our traditional wooden urn provides you with the simple and elegant look you prefer. The traditional wooden urn comes in multiple sizes to accommodate the cremains of your pet, in addition to your choice of oak, cherry or walnut stains. Customize a message with the premium quality brass plaque and place the urn in an area of your home where you’ll appreciate its presence. This moderately priced, solid wood urn is a discreet choice that works in any room in your home.

Wooden Photo Urns        

When nothing but the precise likeness of your dog will do, explore our wood photo urns that prominently feature a real photograph of your dog. The tower urn option comes in three sizes and three stains, assuring its suitability for your home — no matter how large your dog or what style your home. Also available in oak, cherry or walnut stains, our tower wooden photo urn is made from solid hardwood and is customizable with a brass plaque. The tower photo urn is the perfect choice when your favorite pet photo aligns vertically.

If you prefer the classic look of the traditional urn but you want to feature a favorite horizontally aligned photo of your dog, opt for our classic wood photo urn. This solid hardwood urn comes in three sizes to accommodate small, medium and large dogs. It also features a brass plaque you can customize with the name or message of your choice. The wood photo urn comes in oak, cherry or walnut.

Agape Pet Services

Agape Pet Services offers beautifully made, affordably priced wood urns for pets of all kinds. Whether you lost a cherished dog, cat, horse or another animal, we can ease your grief with the attentive respect you and your pet deserve.

For more information about our products, or to learn more about the cremation services we offer at our Maryland and Virginia locations, contact Agape Pet Services today.