Wooden Urns

Wooden Urns for Cats

Agape Pet Services is ready to help you through the grieving process with a tasteful memorial you’ll be proud to display in your home. You’ll find a selection of four wooden pet urns to meet your needs. Customize the urn of your choosing with a photo, name or message, and preserve the memory of your cat with the dignity they deserve.

Laser Engraved Wooden Cat Urns

Our laser engraved wooden cat urn is crafted from solid hardwood and features an unforgettable etching of your favorite photo. Add a special message, along with your cherished cat’s name or any other information you choose. Our laser engraved wooden pet urn is suitable for pets of all sizes. Order the small size for your cat. Please note that turnaround time may take more than 1 week, although we will fulfill your order as quickly as possible.

Traditional Wooden Pet Urns

Our traditional wooden box urn, crafted from solid hardwood, exhibits simple elegance, and it comes in three sizes. You’ll want to order the small urn for your cherished cat. Add your cat’s name or a special message to the order, and we’ll engrave it on a premium leaded brass nameplate. Best of all, our traditional wooden pet urn comes in your choice of oak, cherry or walnut stains, assuring it will blend effortlessly into your home’s décor.

Wooden Photo Urns for Pets

In addition to our laser engraved wooden urn, Agape Pet Services is pleased to offer two additional options that feature a photo of your beloved cat. The tower urn comes in multiple sizes and your choice of oak, cherry or walnut stain. The affixed brass plaque can feature your pet’s name or other special message that can ease your grief. The tower urn is the perfect way to memorialize your pet when you have a favorite “vertical” photograph our box photo urn won’t accommodate.

The hardwood photo urn includes space for a favorite horizontal photo plus a premium brass nameplate we’ll engrave with a name or special message of your choosing. Also available in oak, cherry or walnut, choose the small wooden photo urn for your cat.

Agape Pet Services

Agape Pet Services provides prompt, dignified and respectful cremation products and services that help you through the grieving process. We’re pet parents, too, and we understand how difficult losing a cherished friend can be. You’ll appreciate our wide selection of cremation products, which are suitable for a wide range of animals. From cats and dogs to birds, rabbits and horses, Agape Pet Services has a tasteful memorial, keepsake or urn you’ll be proud to display in your home.

For more information about our wooden urns for cats, or to learn more about the cremation services we offer at our Maryland and Virginia locations, contact Agape Pet Services today.