Metal Urns

Metal Urns for Cats

For many pet parents, letting go of a cherished friend is one of the most emotionally challenging times of their lives. At Agape Pet Services, we’re pet parents, too — and we have decades of experience training and caring for animals with the dignity, respect and affection they deserve. Memorialize your beloved cat with a metal urn, and let us ease you through the grieving process while enhancing the look of our home’s décor, tastefully and lovingly.

Figurine Urns

Our collection of cat figurine urns highlights the distinctive appearance of your favorite feline friend, whether shorthaired or longhaired. Our tall cat is 9” high and has a sleekly elegant appearance. Should you prefer a playful posture, our pouncing cat reveals the animated side of your cherished friend. Both of our available shorthair cat figurines are made from brass, and if you prefer a longhair cat urn, choose our pewter seated cat.

Tasteful Metal Urns for Animals

Agape Pet Services also offers several options for tasteful metal urns in modern silhouettes. Our urns come in multiple sizes, making them suitable for a wide range of pets (cat parents should choose the small urn). Our earth tones brass urn, Spartan urns, single paw print or double paw print urns offer you several choices to suit your décor. Add a special message to your urn and place it proudly anywhere in your home. You’ll smile at the memories you recall every time you see the final resting place of your beloved cat.

Etched and Cloisonné Metal Urns for Pets

Agape Pet Services is proud to offer several metal urns for individuals who prefer an elegant or antiqued look. Choose from our black and gold urns, our black and gold etched cat urn or our numerous cloisonné urns, available in several colors. These beautiful urns are also customizable and are large enough to hold the entire cremains of your cat. If you need an urn for another cherished pet, these urns, with the exception of the gold etched cat urn, may be suitable, as they are available in multiple sizes.

Agape Pet Services

Agape Pet Services provides caring pet parents with dignified, prompt and respectful cremation products and services. In addition to cremation urns, you’ll find a wide selection of memorials and keepsakes that will preserve the memory of your beloved pet while easing your grief. Agape Pet Services also provides cremation services, including attended and private cremation, at our Maryland and Virginia locations. With decades of experience in the animal care and training fields, Agape Pet Services is uniquely qualified to help you handle the loss of your cherished friend with the personal attention you deserve.

For more information about our metal cat urns, or to learn more about our cremation services, contact Agape Pet Services today.