Ceramic & Marble Urns

Marble and Ceramic Urns for Cats

Agape Pet Services has decades of experience caring and training for pets of all kinds. We’re also loving pet parents, and we know how difficult losing a cherished cat can be. Agape Pet Services provides prompt and respectful handling of your pet’s cremains, in addition to a wide selection of tasteful urns and keepsakes you’ll be proud to display in your home.

Marble Urns for Cats

Our pleasing marble cat urns set the standard for elegance and restraint. Available in multiple sizes and suitable for cats, dogs and other beloved friends, finding a marble pet urn to match your needs and complement your home’s décor is simple. Our marble urns for animals come in neutral and vibrant tones, as well as classic and contemporary silhouettes.

The Botticino cat urn reaches a height of 10”. It’s generously sized and is suitable for all cats. Our traditional teakwood marble urn comes in two sizes, including a small size perfect for a kitty or smaller cats. The medium green marble urn features an ornate brass base and accommodates the cremains of larger pets, and the zebra marble urn offers contemporary styling, also in two sizes.

Ceramic Urns for Cats

Our faithful feline ceramic urns are made specifically for cat owners. These ceramic urns memorialize your pet tastefully yet distinctively. Choose between the seated and laying positions, both of which rest on a custom contoured display base made of hard wood. Customize either ceramic cat urn with a brass nameplate featuring your pet’s name or a special message. Glazed in ivory and with a neutral base, the faithful feline cat urns complement the look of every décor.

Unusual Urns

Agape Pet Services is delighted to offer the Angel Ashes pet urn. Sculpted by a renowned American artist, these unusual pet urns are handmade one at a time, and they include a photo frame as well as a customizable brass plaque. Order the large or small size, each available in bronze, marble, stone or hand-painted. The cremains of all cats will fit in the small Angel Ashes urn.

If your cat loved the outdoors, then the rock urn from Agape Pet Services is the perfect way to celebrate their memory. Available in stone or black tones and your choice of three sizes, you can customize your selection with a golden plastic plaque featuring your pet’s name or another special message.

Agape Pet Services

Agape Pet Services is ready to help you through the grieving process with high-quality cremation products you’ll be proud to display in your home. We will treat you with the prompt and respectful attention you deserve.

For more information about our ceramic and marble cat urns, or to learn more about our cremation services, contact Agape Pet Services today.