About Us

We are a pet cremation service that offers private pet cremation, private attended cremation and group cremation in our Boonsboro, MD, Sandston, VA, and Siler City, NC locations. We have a wide selection of  pet cremation urns, pet cremation beads, pet cremation Jewelry, pet cremation keepsakes. and other resources to grieving pet parents. Whether your family needs a private pet service or a personalized pet urn or keepsake, Agape Pet Services can help.

Prompt, Courteous and Respectful Care

Led by Peter W. Anderson and Daniel A. Franklin DVM, They understand how much a cherished pet can mean. With decades of combined experience, Pete and Dan enjoy a special bond with animals. We understand why losing a pet often means heartache for pet parents. Agape Pet Services promises to provide your family with the prompt, courteous and respectful care you and your pet deserve.

Our Professionals

Peter W. Anderson has shared his life with pets since childhood, and has been training dogs for over 30 years. He trained K-9 teams for law enforcement agencies in Maryland and retired as the K-9 Commander for the State Of Maryland Division of Correction. Pete has taught at numerous seminars, provided expert witness testimony and has been featured on Animal Planet.

Daniel A. Franklin DVM can not remember a time in his life when he did not have a pet, which no doubt had a major influence on his career choice. Serving as a veterinarian since 1980, he currently has his own practice in Hagerstown, Maryland, where he continues to tend to the animals in God’s kingdom entrusted to his care.

Our Promise

We are committed to ensuring the timely pet cremation and return of pet cremains with integrity and compassion. This promise reflects our company’s desire to help you grieve while also providing pet parents with a caring, professional service that is respectful of the bond they shared with their beloved pets. At Agape Pet Services, we understand how you’re feeling — after all, we’re animal lovers, too.

For more information about our products or animal cremation services, or to learn about our Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina locations, please contact Agape Pet Services.